Crigglestone Nursery

In Nursery children develop strong relationships with their key people and support staff. We ensure that the children are able to follow their interests and curiosity daily in our enabling environment. The children become active learners through enjoying long periods of uninterrupted play sessions during the day.


The Nursery staff are skilful practitioners who encourage the children to develop a sense of belonging and independence and support them in meaningful interactions. Staff know children well and are creative in supporting and extending their learning. Children become ‘thinkers and doers’ and make deep connections between their play and learning.


Whole group singing and stories are an integral part of the Nursery day, enabling children to develop listening skills, vocabulary and language development. Over time the children learn a wide repertoire of songs linked to different seasons, cultures and celebrations as well as simple number and Nursery rhymes. The children also enjoy learning Makaton signs linked to daily routines as well as special signing songs.


When children are ready they take part in differentiated discreet teaching groups for Phonics and Maths. We use the Letters and Sounds document as our Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme. Children are helped to learn the relationship between letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language. In Maths the children develop their mathematical thinking and become problem solvers and pattern spotters during carefully planned playful explorations. Teachers ensure families know how to support their child at home and share regular updates about children’s progress and next steps in learning.


Staff observe the children over time and take note of the way children interact with each other and the environment. We pay strong attention to the Characteristics of Learning which tell us how engaged and motivated children are in their learning and share this knowledge with families regularly. We recognise that the benefits for children are greatest when practitioners and families work in respectful partnership to develop ways to support children both at home and in the setting.

Here is a little look at our Curiosity Approach learning environment in the Nursery Room:

Look at our lovely outdoor area . . .

*Children are eligible to start Nursery in the term following their 3rd birthday. *


*We offer 15 hours universal early years provision *


*We also provide 30 hours early years provision during school term times, for eligible children *


* Fee paying sessions are available subject to availability *


* Breakfast Club may be available on request * 

If you would like to apply for a Nursery place, please contact school:

Telephone: 01924 251151 or Email: