Federation of Crigglestone and Castle Nursery Schools

Garden Room at The Castle

The Garden Room provision offers children a quieter room to access the Foundation Stage curriculum with a smaller number of children and a higher level of staffing. The room provides a lower stimulation environment. It enables staff to plan activities around each individual child’s interest at an appropriate pace in order to extend and develop children’s learning further.


The quieter room offers a communication-based curriculum and activities to develop children’s attention, listening and social interactions. Activities and experiences prioritise sensory, exploratory play, early functional play and ‘people play’ games. This supports children’s awareness of others, their enjoyment of being with another person as well as their communication skills.  


Children are able to follow their own interests with constant access to outdoor play. Highly trained members of staff play alongside each child and develop highly motivating games around their interests in order to gain and maintain attention. During each session attended, children will access individually supported learning opportunities and support during child-initiated play.


We work closely with outside agencies such as Wakefield Inclusion SEND Support Service, Speech &Language therapists and parents to set and work towards small step targets to ensure children are making progress and reaching their full potential.  


The Garden Room offers a friendly, safe, secure environment with predictable and consistent routines. Children show high levels of wellbeing and involvement allowing them to be open to the many learning experiences offered.  

Look at our wonderful new outdoor area, developed by Cool Canvas (May 2022)