Mental Health & Wellbeing in School

We have high expectations of our children at our schools. We understand that good mental health is a vital part of achieving this. We teach our children the early skills they will build on through their lives to help protect them from the stress and anxiety of modern life. 



Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads are:


Claire Spiers at Crigglestone & Adele Ghai at The Castle


We have 4 qualified Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) across the federation:

Kirsty Quinn (Headteacher)

Carole Sharp (DHT - Crigglestone)

Adele Ghai (DHT - The Castle)

Claire Spiers (Crigglestone)

If you need someone to talk to then our doors are always open and we will listen, not judge and help where we can. You are welcome speak to any member of staff you feel comfortable with. 


In January 2022, we began our federation journey towards achieving: 'The School Mental Health Award'

We are delighted to share that we achieved the Silver Award in March 2023.


We want to achieve the award for our federation to:


  • Improve pupil and staff self-confidence, resilience and mental health 


  • Improve pupil outcomes 


  • Create a culture of awareness of mental health, tolerance and acceptance, helping to reduce behavioural problems and promote positive mental health strategies


  • Demonstrate commitment to adhere to professional and government guidance